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Dig Beneath the Surface with a Social Media Background Check

It’s time to go further than traditional background checks
Get to know who you’re hiring, renting to, dating, and beyond on a deeper level.

Discover key areas of interest

When you conduct a conventional people search, you may find affiliations, articles, or even official records. At Social Profiler, we believe that this information is only scratching the surface. That’s why our social media screenings identify personal interests based on social media activity.

Avoid risky relationships

Whether you’re searching for a new employee, dating someone outside of your social circle, hiring a caregiver, looking for a business partner, or building a relationship of any kind, our social media background check mitigates your risk by helping you find red flags.

Get to know specific individuals

As you look for common areas of interest with a potential investor, boss, love interest, or client, our technology offers a glimpse at the person as a whole unlike general people finders that leave out key information.

Discover the advantage of our social media deep searches

Today, there’s no better way to truly get to know someone than through a holistic social media report. Our advanced tools at Social Profiler empower you to see key interests while maintaining your anonymity, meaning greater transparency and fewer surprises.

Multiple Use Cases

Ultimately, our background screening services hinge on the safety of our users across multiple industries and use cases. By evaluating social media profiles, we identify telltale red flags that exist with an individual’s interests. This is ideal for:

Employers and HR professionals throughout the hiring process

Individuals looking for a romantic partner

Landlords seeking suitable tenants

Parents in search of a trustworthy babysitter

Family members hoping to hire a reliable caregiver

Pet owners who need to give a dog walker access to their home

Investors looking into the backgrounds of startup founders

Business owners in need of strategic partners

Host families before taking in a foreign exchange student

And beyond

By identifying the specific interest areas of people from all walks of life, Social Profiler supports more confident decisions with uncompromising peace of mind.

How Social Profiler Works

If you’ve ever used a reverse phone lookup, you know firsthand that individual data points alone aren’t enough to paint a full picture. That’s why with Social Profiler, our social media background reports pull data from multiple avenues, including:

Friends & Connections

As the adage goes, you become like the people who you spend the most time around. Truth be told, our social networks tell a story of their own. By diving into individual friend circles and connection lists, our social media screener reveals shared commonalities and interests.

Page Follows & Likes

When someone likes a specific page or follows a certain profile, our social media insight tooltakes note. From there, we feed this data into our algorithm. As a result, you’ll receive dependable insight that directly reflects the individual’s interests.

Posts & Shares

Social media posts contain a treasure trove of meaningful data. By indexing the text, hashtags, tagged pages, geotags, and image content within these posts, our social media background check builds a fundamental understanding of the person behind the post.

One Tool. Limitless Insight.

We understand the importance of actionable insight firsthand. In turn, our social media background check pulls information from the most personal digital source: an individual’s social media pages. While red flags can oftentimes be hidden from official documents and invisible to traditional background screening services, Social Profiler unearths each individual’s true colors.

The Importance of Risk Mitigation

Imagine entering a business partnership without running a thorough background check. As a result, you could be pulled into guilt by association or leave yourself vulnerable to swindling. Likewise, what if you entered into a relationship without running a social media check? You may discover a backstory that wouldn’t have gotten them past the first date. Through our detailed social profile reports, we ensure that you know what you’re getting into before it’s too late.

Why Social Profiler?

Get to know individuals based on their interests

If you’ve been curious about a specific person’s background and interests, running a social media screener is a must-do. Ultimately, the information captured within our reports could be the make-or-break between moving forward with a deal or relationship and stopping negotiations in their tracks.

Avoid unwanted surprises from affiliates

Imagine if you were hiring candidates to serve on a political staff. What if you discovered that an applicant was a member of the opposite party, harboring ill intentions with their application? Of course, you would deny their request! By putting the power of social media monitoring to work for your business, organization, or campaign, you can avoid association with these individuals.

Save time from manual social media profile searches

Through our background checks, we save hours that you would have spent sifting through friend lists, posts, page follows, hashtags, and more. As a result, we keep you focused on your day-to-day responsibilities while providing the information you need in a convenient, easy-to-navigate package. Our social media reports cover 360° of an individual’s interests.

Start transforming insight into action

Better data lends way to more strategic and informed decision-making. As we speak, over 90% of employers run background checks. Unfortunately, these reports leave out key information regarding interests. By leveraging Social Profiler, you can gain a holistic perspective surrounding potential hires, partners, renters, and more. Get started today!