Know a Person's Interests Before They've Said a Word

Would knowing an individual’s personal interests give you a competitive edge? Can it help you make better decisions? Will having more complete and accurate information make a difference between failure or success? In a variety of situations, it can mean exactly that.
Socialprofiler lets you know the people you are dealing with on a deeper level, before you’ve even met them. Now you can look beyond what you already know. It's time to go further than traditional social media background checks and screenings can offer. We Help You See Things Before They Happen.

Discover Someone’s Key Interests in a Socialprofiler Assessment

When you conduct a traditional people search or are trying to find people on social media screenings, you may find postings, affiliations, articles, or even official and/or criminal records. At Socialprofiler, we believe that this information is only scratching the surface. Our social media Personal Interest Assessments identify and categorize an individual’s interests based on their social media activities. This allows you to identify potential risks, highlight potential red flags, and/or understand possible compatibility issues in a variety of applications.

Legal Applications

In all facets of the litigation process, Socialprofiler information can make the difference between winning and losing a case. Just a few examples include:

Jury Selection

Socialprofiler detects a potential juror’s inherent bias based on that individual’s social media followings and likes. It helps plaintiff or defendant attorney groups simplify, influence, and shape the entire jury selection process.

Depositions, Interrogations and Interviews

Whether you represent a Plaintiff, Defendant, Witness, Interpreter or other, understanding an individual’s bias and interests, based on their social network followings and likes, helps attorneys conduct more effective discussions.

Private Investigation and Professional Agency activities

For social media screeners, evidence can be specific to a particular case, or pertaining to an individual’s frequency of likes, follows, or visits to certain places. Thus, mapping connections between specific people via likes/followings, including direct and non-direct assessments, can be made via social media deep searches. This allows private investigators, screening agencies, reverse phone social media lookup companies and other deep search screeners to develop a more complete profile of an individual.

Social Applications

Organizational & Cultural Fit

Finding similar, like-minded individuals to join corporate, social and other groups can directly link to interpersonal harmony within an organization. Socialprofiler’s ability to complement existing personal research can influence the selection of people using similarity analyses to existing members of a group.

Compatibility and Relational Connections

Whether you're searching for a new business partner, an assistant, a business associate, or building a relationship of any kind, our social media personal assessment mitigates your risk. Socialprofiler empowers you to see key interests while maintaining your anonymity, meaning greater transparency and fewer surprises.

Getting to know Specific Individuals

As you look for common areas of interest with a potential investor, boss, partner, or client, our technology offers a unique glimpse of a person’s interests, unlike traditional background checks that may leave out key information.

Market research & Business analytics

Audience Segmentation & Focus Group Development

Improve advertising conversion rates by identifying crossover between individuals. Create focus groups using segmentation, build an array of indicators to be used as a knowledge base for modeling a virtual focus group, replace expensive surveys and non-scientific, possibly invalid, selection processes.

Influencer & Opinion Leader Selection

To disseminate messaging, use Social profiler for media planning to impact reach, frequency, cost per thousand (CPM), identify early adopters, reduce advertising costs and increase branding efficiency. Socialprofiler is a class above traditional social media deep search companies when identifying opinion leaders. We identify high value, low cost influencers.

Information Flow & Multidimensional Scaling

Calculate the time for the appearance of a post/topic that has gone viral and has been reposted by a group of users. Determine brand similarity and difference through clusterization. Identify how these clusters differ from each other for the development of marketing and media strategies.

Use Cases: How Socialprofiler Works

Socialprofiler’s Social Media Personal Interest Assessments provide superior information. By evaluating social media activities, we identify interests within an individual's background that may prove essential in any selection process. This is ideal for:

  • Investors looking into the backgrounds of startup founders
  • Business owners in need of strategic partners
  • Tenants seeking suitable landlords
  • Family members wanting to know more about caregivers, housekeepers, friends, coaches, teachers, etc.
  • Pet owners who need to give a dog walker access to their home
  • Individuals looking for a romantic partners
Protect yourself, your family and associates from the possibility of: Hate, Violence, Harassment and Threats. By identifying the specific interest areas of people, Socialprofiler promotes confident decision making and peace of mind.

Friends & Connections

As the adage goes, you become more like the people who you spend the most time around. Our social networks tell a story of their own. More than simply finding people on social media, Socialprofiler researches and develops individual friend circles and connection lists. The Socialprofiler social media screenings reveal shared commonalities and interests not found in traditional analyses.

Page Follows & Likes

When someone likes a specific page or follows a certain profile, our social media personal assessment analyzes it and logs it into our algorithm. As a result, you will receive dependable insight that directly reflects the individual's interests.

Posts & Shares

Social media screenings and activities contain a treasure trove of meaningful information about a person. By indexing the text, hashtags, tagged pages, geotags, and other content, our social media personal assessment builds a fundamental understanding of a person’s interests.
We utilize proprietary, patent-pending AI and Big Data technology to identify users interests based on their Instagram, TikTok, X (ex Twitter) and Facebook followings and likes, generating dramatic, market-leading report accuracy.
No company does it better than Socialprofiler.

One Tool. Limitless Insight.

We understand the importance of actionable insight firsthand. In turn, our social media assessment pulls information from the most personal digital source: an individual's social media activities. While red flags can oftentimes be hidden from official documents and invisible to traditional social media background screening services, Social Profiler unearths each individual's true interests.

Risk Mitigation

Imagine entering a business partnership without running a complete and thorough background check. Likewise, what if you entered a relationship without running a Social Media Personal Interest Assessment? You may discover information that wouldn't have gotten them past the first conversation. Through our detailed Socialprofiler reports, we ensure that you are getting what you need to know before it's too late.

Why Social Profiler?

How important is it for you to know an individual, based on their interests?
If you've been curious about a specific person's interests, running a social media personal assessment is a must-do. Ultimately, the information captured within our reports could be the make-or-break between moving forward with a deal or relationship and stopping negotiations in its tracks.
Save time from manual social media profile searches
Through our social media personal assessments, Socialprofiler saves hundreds of hours spent sifting through friend lists, posts, page follows, hashtags, and more. We keep you focused on your day-to-day responsibilities while providing the information you need in a convenient, easy-to-navigate package. Our social media assessments cover 360° of an individual's interests.

Start Transforming Insight into Action

Better data lends way to more strategic and informed decision-making. As we speak, over 90% of organizations run some type of social media research. Unfortunately, many of these reports leave out key information regarding a person’s interests, or they simply do not report personal interests. By leveraging Socialprofiler, you can gain a holistic perspective about your future partners and more. Get started today!